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What to Wear for Your Family Photos!

Wondering what to wear for your family photography session? I get so many questions about clothing! Coordinating outfits is tricky and I'm excited to offer some tips to make the process feel easier.

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Photography Sessions Update- COVID-19 Details!

If I'm being honest, I spent much of May worrying about how I was going to photograph people with a mask on. How will I interact? Will the kids smile if they can't see my smile? I'm happy to share it's going better than I hoped. While everyone has different levels of comfort, I've found that most families are comfortable with my mask being pulled down when I'm at a significant distance. As soon as I get any closer, that mask comes right back up! Fortunately, the impact on interaction feels minimal!


Vermont Family Photography - Finding Joy During Challenging Times

During challenging times, there is joy to be found in family photography. Family photography sessions are back with safety a priority!


Photography Sessions Resume!

As of June 1st, I'm photographing families and high school seniors again. During such uncertain times, it's so good to be back behind my camera!


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