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Spring at Last! {Vermont Family Photography}

I think everyone in Vermont is thinking the same thing- Spring at Last! It’s always amazing to me how in a few short weeks everything can turn from brown and dreary to extra green and (sometimes) sunny!…


Nine Days New {Vermont Newborn Photography}

This handsome little man was just nine days new when I met him and his parents at their home for his first photo session. He was an absolute gem- wide eyes, content to snuggle and sleep, and he even showed…


South Burlington- Here We Come! {South Burlington Vermont Family Photographer}

It’s been awhile since I shared any images of my own family on my blog, and our recent move to South Burlington seems like the perfect time to do so! We’ve been waiting (fairly) patiently since early December…


Beautiful Baby Girl- A Happy New Family of Three {Burlington Vermont Newborn Photography}

I recently met up with this beautiful baby girl, the new addition in a super sweet and happy family-of-three. This sweet girl was just a few weeks old, and her parents seemed beyond comfortable and confident…


Sweet Baby Boy- New Family of Three {Burlington Vermont Newborn Photographer}

I’m long overdue to share this sweet baby boy with you all! I was lucky enough to spend a morning with this new family of three at their home in Burlington. Documenting this cutie was such a treat. He…


16 Favorites from 2016

I’m a little late to this post, but this has been a tradition on my blog, and one that I want to continue! While I don’t share many personal images on my blog anymore, photographing my own girls has very…

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When “Automatic” Mode Fails…Your Life Your Camera Workshop {Burlington Vermont Photography Workshop}

I’ll never forget the first picture I took with my first DSLR. My daughter was in her Halloween costume with the biggest smile on her face, and the background was “blurry.” I was beyond thrilled. When…

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