A Year in Review | Burlington Vermont Family Photographer

Phew! Was 2019 the fastest year ever, or is that just me? I cannot believe it’s 2020. As I started putting together the images for this annual blog post I spent a little time reflecting on the last decade. In January 2010, I was newly pregnant with our first daughter and already researching newborn photographers for her. I owned a small and humble point and shoot camera that captured a lot of red-eye that we used weekly to capture my growing belly. I was in a drastically different career and believing the part of me that told me I missed my chance to learn photography. I made my choice in college and that was that.

Fast forward two years and I was pregnant again, this time itching to learn how to better capture my growing girl and the other one on the way. After a push from a friend, the encouragement of my husband, and the camera choosing advice from another friend, I clicked buy on my first DSLR. I fell hard, devouring every article, book, and workshop I could find. I spent naptime with my camera, photographing the toys that were scattered around my living room. They were much easier subjects than working with a moving toddler with my growing belly. I took a lot of terrible pictures and the occasional one I was proud of. I used my camera all day, every day.

Skipping ahead another eight years, and I’m putting together this blog post. This year I snuggled babies, chased dozens of kids around outside, and met many families vacationing in Vermont. I hid in Christmas trees, soaked my pants in the lake, raced through apple orchards, and heard some hysterical things from little ones. I chatted about college plans with my high school seniors and had the privilege of photographing multiple generations many times. I visited new baby nurseries, drove to family lake houses, frequented my favorite garden, discovered new towns, and used my camera more than any year before. When I purchased my first DSLR camera eight years ago, I never could have imagined the images I’m sharing here. I wouldn’t have dreamed that this many people would choose to be on the other side of my lens. I’m honored and thankful and will look back at 2019 with a smile. 2020, I have big plans for you.

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