Backing Up Your Photos- Preserving Your Digital Memories

Backing Up Your Photos- Preserving Your Digital Memories

In today's digital world the options to backup and save your digital memories can feel overwhelming. As a photographer who provides the digital files to my clients, it's important to me that they get properly saved and backed up so your family can enjoy them for years to come. I hear from many people that they don't know where to start with saving their photos. This is the case not only for the photos I take, but the photos that live on your own cameras, phones, and computers. Let's streamline the process to ensure your digital memories are safe and easy to access.

The Good News

The good news is that you likely already have access and pay for a handful of digital back-up options. There is likely no need for another subscription or service- hooray for that! The best advice I have is to find the service that is easiest for you to use so that you're more inclined to back-up your photos on a regular basis. Let's explore the options...

 Photo Storage Options

  • An External Hard Drive- If you already own an external hard drive this is a great and easy option. Backing up your photos on an EHD and then keeping it in a safe place is a great way to save your photos. I do recommend doing this in combination with one of the options below as they can fail with time.
  • Amazon Prime- if you already pay for Amazon Prime, you have online photo storage included. This is a fantastic and easy option to utilize. You can read more about Amazon Prime photo storage HERE
  • Dropbox- Dropbox provides a certain amount of free photo storage as well. You can sign up easily HERE
  • iCloud- If you have any Apple products, you are likely already utilizing iCloud. If you are unsure about how your iCloud is set up, you can access more information HERE
  • Multiple Devices- Another easy and free option is to download and save your images to more than one device. If you have more than one computer, tablet, or phone, make sure to download them in multiple places, in case any of your devices fail.

Still have questions on the best way to save and secure your photos? I'm here to help!

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