Behind the Scenes | Home Office Tour of Kristy Dooley Photography {Vermont Family Photographer}

Behind the Scenes- Let’s Take a Home Office Tour!

I’ve always loved behind the scenes images and learning more about the workspaces of others, and I’m excited to finally share mine! We moved into our current home in South Burlington in 2017, and getting a home office space in place was a huge priority for me. As a photographer and a work-at-home mom, having a designated space to stay organized and get my work done is key. Without it, it’s too easy to get distracted by dishes in the sink and laundry in the dryer. I learned early on in my business years that while there are many benefits to working from home, setting clear boundaries is important. For me, this meant having a space that I use solely for work.

home office

Standing Up!

The purchase of a sit-stand desk was definitely an investment, but it was so worth it. I think the hours spent sitting as a photographer are often underestimated. While the hours I spent photographing clients are my favorites, they lead to several more spent at my desk. Every session involves email communication, editing, gallery uploading, print ordering, and more. Earlier in my business, the hours spent at my desk started to aggravate my body- I’ve never been great at lots of sitting! Having the option to move my desk up and down throughout the day keeps my body happy, and my mind in the game. I love the size of my desk as well as I tend to collect quite a few things that I need to have at arms reach- coffee included!

home office workflow

Organization is Key!

Organization in my business is a constant work-in-progress. Finding the best ways to meet the needs of my clients and keep my head from spinning is definitely a priority. The most recent addition to my office is a wall workflow chart, and so far, it’s saving me a whole lot of headspace! I love keeping track of every step of the process for each of my clients visually. A huge thanks to Design a Glow for offering such a great product! I also love my wrapping station which has been a staple in my office space for years. It’s full of business cards, thank yous, wrapping paper, packaging supplies, and more. Keeping this thing stocked and organized makes getting packages off to clients quick and easy.

Prepping for a Session

This time of year, I’m constantly loading up my favorite camera backpack (thank you Kelly Moore!) with my camera (5D Mark IV) and a couple of lenses for each session. While I do have quite the lens collection at this point, I don’t often take more than two with me along for a shoot. Most of my family sessions are photographed with my Canon 24-70, though I’ll occasionally swap it out for the Canon 85 1.2. The look of that lens is tough to beat! I’m always sure to pack an extra camera battery and more memory cards than I think I’ll need. For a high school senior shoot, my bag is loaded with the Canon 85 1.2 and Canon 135 2.0, as these two lenses are absolutely perfectly suited for deliciously creamy bokeh backgrounds.

photographer home office

She Believed She Could…

With two of us in the office these days, we try hard to keep the mood happy and fun. If any of you have met my co-worker Genevieve, you know that’s easy to do with her around! The first additional item I added to the office after the necessities was this amazing sign, hand-painted by a local artist, Jenn Adams. She found this gorgeous piece of wood and added my favorite quote to it. It’s a perfect reminder every day when I step into work. My office is also heavily decorated with mementos and notes from my own two girls. I love seeing the trinkets they make me at school on the shelves as I work.There is also always at least a couple stack of books around. In addition to working with me, Genevieve also has her own blog, Gen the Bookworm, and she has restored my love of fiction reading. We are constantly swapping books back and forth and I love seeing them all over our workspace. Another regular feature is Gen’s love of True Crime podcasts. While I can’t say I’ve fallen for them myself, I’m a good sport about it being on in the background.

stack of books

So that is a peek at my home office. I love finding inspiration from others and I hope you find some of that here too. Thank you for stopping by! <3

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