Bundle Up- It's Winter in Vermont!

I’m not new to cold weather. As a native Vermonter, I learned a long time ago that the key to surviving a Vermont winter is to bundle up and get outside. When do I find this most important? January. The month I’m convinced is somehow twice as long as the rest. When my kids were little, this was harder to do. Those were the days when it took much longer to get them bundled up than we actually spent in the snow. While there are many things I miss about having younger kids, their ability to dress themselves is a perk I enjoy.

While I can’t say they are always on board at first, our outdoor adventures are some of my favorite times together. I like to call it a little “forced family fun,” and I’ll tell you that it isn’t just my mood that benefits from a little fresh air- it’s all of us. We are lucky to live near some amazing trails which I affectionately call our “winter playground.” So far this winter, we’ve soaked our boots crossing a barely frozen stream, climbed a huge tree, introduced friends to our favorite loop, and gotten lost a time or two. My kids like to pretend they know their way around- leading me and my husband on a bit of a goose chase.

I brought my camera along a couple of weeks ago, and the photos are always worth the ache in my shoulder from carrying it. Yes, even the one with my eyes closed and the eye roll out of my youngest.

Spring will be here before we think friends…but until then, bundle up.

winter family photography by kristy dooley
winter photoshoot by kristy dooley
girl smiling in the snow

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