Families Helping Families - A Partnership with the Vermont Foodbank

A Partnership with the Vermont Foodbank

Families helping families, that’s what it’s all about. I’ve photographed hundreds of families in my years as a Vermont family photographer. While a quality experience and priceless memories have always been my goal, I’ve been searching for a way to have my services reach further. A partnership with the Vermont Foodbank feels like the perfect fit. The Vermont Foodbank serves 153,000 individuals on an annual basis, 36,000 of which are children. The Vermont Foodbank reports that one out of every four Vermonters struggles with hunger. The Foodbank has a variety of programs that bring food to local Vermonters. My favorite? The gleaning program– a program that gathers excess vegetables from local farmers. I love this mission to bring fresh and local produce to those in need. The work that this organization does for local families is inspiring to say the least. It’s an organization I’m thrilled to be working with.

How Does it Work?

In 2019, every family session booked will benefit another family in need. One family photographed will help feed a family of four for two full days. My goal is to feed one family a day for the entire year.

Families Helping Families- Let’s Make a Difference!

The idea of reaching as many families as possible through my photography has been a long time in the making. While I enjoy many genres of photography, my heart has always been with families and children, and I’m thrilled to know that one family can help another. So many families are in need of a little extra help in our area. Together, we can certainly make a difference.

Let’s Connect!

Are you in need of updated family photos? I’d love to connect, together we can benefit both your family and another. Let’s chat!

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