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High School Senior Friends Session

High School Seniors

High School Senior Sessions are in full swing and I have had so much fun meeting so many amazing 2020 graduates-to-be! I recently met Jaesa and her amazing group of friends. They are all going to be seniors at Milton High School in the fall and I had the best time capturing their friendship all together. I met these awesome ladies at the South Burlington Community Gardens which as you probably know is one of my very favorite session locations. I love the variety of backdrops this location offers and the evening light is just stunning!

Friendship Documented

There is something so special about seeing a group of friends all together. This group has bonded over their years of school and I was such an honor to have them all come together behind my lens. You can tell they all feel so comfortable with each other and I loved seeing the dynamics between them. They all have summer jobs and a lot going on and it was so wonderful to gather them as a group of five before the exciting year ahead. Friendship is so special and I hope they treasure these images forever.

Coordinating But Not Matching…

You might have to look closely, but these five ladies are all wearing the same shirt, just in a different color! How adorable is that?! I love that they were able to coordinate so well but still show their individual and unique personalities. Even their Birkenstock sandals went together without totally matching. You could tell they were all totally comfortable which was perfect for our session which consisted of lots of portraits and also some great candid moment.

I had such an awesome time with this group and hope you enjoy seeing some of my favorites from our session!

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