Let’s Play - Family Photos are FUN - Vermont Family Photographer

Let’s play! I hear from way too many parents who are worried their kids won’t cooperate for family photos. I hear you! As a mom of two, who understands the time and emotion that goes into scheduling family photos, choosing outfits, and not-so-patiently waited for the final result, I’ve felt this way too. This concern is the reason I decided years ago to make my family sessions play based. While I always strive to capture a more typical family portrait, the majority of your session will be play-based. I’ve got tons of tricks up my sleeves and love keeping sessions moving by encouraging laughter and interaction.

Why Play-Based?

While I always start my sessions with a family portrait, I’ve found that asking kids to sit and pose for too long doesn’t go well. It’s also not terribly natural, as kids don’t really sit and smile! They move, run, laugh, giggle, jump, cry, and everything in between. Keeping your kids engaged is as much a part of my job as working the camera. I’d love for parents to think of their family session as an hour break from parenting! I have tons of experience with kids of all ages, and I absolutely love connecting and playing with them to bring out their true personalities. Keeping sessions fun and dynamic ensures I’ll hold your child’s attention and bring out the smiles I’m always after.

Preparing Your Kids for Family Photos

While I understand the temptation to bribe, my preference is to take them off the table when it comes to your family photo session. My goal is for your kids to finish the session happy and looking forward to next time. A bribe often implies they’re about to do something not fun, and my sessions are anything but! Instead, I’d love for you to let your kids know how much you’re looking forward to photos, and get them on board with your excitement! They may even enjoy bringing their own game idea to the session.

Keeping it Real

Kids aren’t made for sitting. Allowing them the space to smile shyly, run enthusiastically, and share their own jokes creates real and authentic memories. The experience of your session is as important to me as the final result. Don’t worry about your kids. I’ve seen it all, tried it all, and love the challenge and experience of engaging with unique personalities. I’ve got them- I promise.

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