My Favorite Vermont Photography Locations

Location, Location, Location

My favorite Vermont Photography Locations

After booking your photography session, the next step is choosing your location! I'm excited to share some of my favorite Vermont locations for both family and high school senior photography sessions. While I can't guarantee exact replication of any location due to ever changing seasons and lighting, the following photo examples should help give you an idea of what to expect at each location.

Wheeler Homestead- South Burlington

Wheeler is always a favorite of mine. It's beautiful year-round and open to the public, just off Dorset Street in South Burlington. It has an abundance of flowers, a huge variety of backdrops, and when the lighting cooperates, an exceptional mountain view. 

Kristy Dooley photography

Kristy Dooley photography

Oakledge Park- Burlington

Oakledge is another fun option, and I especially like the lighting for morning sessions. It has an abundance of greenery, red rocks, willow trees, and depending on the lighting, a lake view. 

Kristy Dooley photography at Oakledge

Kristy Dooley photography at Oakledge park

Shelburne Farms- Shelburne

Shelburne Farms is a very popular location destination in Vermont, and for good reason. It has mountain views, the lake, flowers, a beautiful evergreen-lined road, and some amazing architecture that makes for some great variety within a galley. Shelburne Farms welcomes families and seniors for photo sessions for a $50 fee.

Mills Riverside Park- Jericho

Mills River has become a favorite of mine over the last couple of years. It has a wide variety of backdrops that changes by the season, as well as a river that is really fun to take photos near. If you're up for a walk and the lighting cooperates, it also has a really beautiful mountain view.

Charlotte Beach- Charlotte

Charlotte Beach is a fun option for those who want a lake view. The ability to showcase the lake will depend on the lighting of the day, though it has plenty of other beautiful options including a fence line, lots of greenery, and a covered bridge.

Winooski Riverwalk- Winooski

The Winooski Riverwalk is a favorite choice of mine as it has great variety in backdrops. It has a fun mix of urban and brick settings, the river, and lots of greenery. It does tend to have a lot of dogs around so it's important you're comfortable with dogs if you choose this location. 

Your Own Yard

One of my favorite locations is your own backyard! There isn't a more convenient location for your family and most yards have a lot more options than you might think! If this feels like a good fit, I'm happy to come to you!

Still have questions on the best location for your session? I'm here to help~

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