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One is the absolute perfect age for family photos! As a family photographer, I enjoy photographing children of all ages, but I have always had a soft spot for one-year-old photo sessions. One-year-olds are full of smiles, personality, and usually, aren’t quite able to run away from me yet! I met this happy birthday boy and his parents last weekend and he was full of expressions. I can still hear his awesome laugh when I look at these photos.

Where: Shelburne Farms:

Shelburne Farms is my go-to early spring location. It can be tricky to find locations that photograph well in early spring when the trees are bare and the grass is still turning green. Shelburne Farms never fails me. The Coach Barn photographs beautifully and there is a gorgeous evergreen road nearby that always looks green before other places. This family-of-three was happy to spend some time on the farm. Their outfits even matched the coach barn perfectly!

When: 4PM

I always schedule my family sessions in the early morning or evening to ensure we have ideal lighting. In early spring, the ideal time falls between 4-6PM. With younger children, I always opt for the earlier end of the range and seek out shade if needed. As a mom of two, I know that bedtime isn’t ideal for photos!

What: One-Year-Old Family Photo Session

One-year-old photo sessions are fast-paced and full of movement. This session was no exception! I changed gears frequently with this little ham to ensure I kept his attention. We alternated photos with mom and dad together and separately and took several breaks for walking and a crawl through the (finally) green grass. I have plenty of tricks up for sleeve for this age and do my best to keep those smiles coming. This little man was full of giggles- I think I laughed as much as he did!

I hope you enjoy a look at some of my favorites from this session.


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