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Photography Sessions Update- COVID-19 Details!

Guess what? This mask thing isn't so bad...

If I'm being honest, I spent much of May worrying about how I was going to photograph people with a mask on. How will I interact? Will the kids smile if they can't see my smile? I'm happy to share it's going better than I hoped. While everyone has different levels of comfort, I've found that most families are comfortable with my mask being pulled down when I'm at a significant distance. As soon as I get any closer, that mask comes right back up! Fortunately, the impact on interaction feels minimal!

There is joy to be found in 2020!

Still interested in family photos this year?

My weekends are booked, but if you've been waiting to see how things were going, I still have some weekday availability available! I'd love to see your family this year~

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With so much uncertainty, I hope you're all still finding some joy this summer...

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