It’s been awhile since I shared any images of my own family on my blog, and our recent move to South Burlington seems like the perfect time to do so! We’ve been waiting (fairly) patiently since early December when we sold our previous home for our new home to be completed. We are thrilled to finally be living in it! South Burlington has been on our radar for years, and when the right opportunity came up, we jumped! Our girls were wide awake, ready to put their suitcases in the moving truck at 6:30AM on moving day, and we’ve been settling in ever since. The photographer in me has been having a blast exploring the new light everywhere- inside and out! We can’t wait to meet more families in the South Burlington area, and watch our new neighborhood continue to grow! Thanks for looking~

moving day photography
children photography
father daughter photography
girl looking out window
kids riding bikes
kids eating breakfast
girl smiling
kids in new home
kids in new home kristy dooley
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construction site photography
girl smiling
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