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Summer in Vermont

As a native to our state, summer in Vermont is not something I take for granted. As a Vermont family photographer, it’s something I absolutely treasure! While I understand the common wish for fall family photos in Vermont (that foliage is amazing!), I have a soft spot for spring and summer sessions. Read on to find out the perks of a spring or summer photo session!

The Focus is on YOU!

While I love the colors that Vermont falls bring, I love the simple and soft green background spring and summer provide. With less color in your photos, the focus is only on your family. This green background also gives greater flexibility with your color and outfit choices. Without the brighter colors of fall, patterns and summer colors in clothing are more easily photographed. You also may find that this simple green background displays nicer in your home. Is your decorating style on the neutral side? If so, you might enjoy the more subdued colors of summer photos on your walls.

Schedules are Easier!

Without the details of the school calendar and popular fall sports, it’s often easier to schedule spring or summer photos. Additionally, because I always schedule my photos with ideal lighting in mind, parents often aren’t as concerned with a timely bedtime when school isn’t in session. Taking advantage of those long summer days and heading into fall with your family portraits behind you feels great.

No Need to Bundle Up!

While fall and winter sessions often require sweaters, layers, and winter accessories, it’s fairly guaranteed in a Vermont summer that you won’t need to worry about staying warm. If you have a young child who isn’t a fan of coats and hats, summer outfits may make your session more enjoyable.

Interested in booking a spring or summer session? I’d love to chat!

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