This fun family was on vacation in Vermont for the month of July, and I’m so glad they decided to document their time here with a family photography session. Mom told me that her boys were early risers, so we took advantage of the early start, and met in downtown Burlington before it got too busy. Our hour together felt like one big game- perfect for two active young boys! We had so much fun exploring Church Street, tucking in the alleys, and playing lots of games on the photogenic side streets. This family has since gone back home to Florida, and I love knowing that they have these special memories. July is always a busy month for me with tourist sessions and I love it- the feeling of vacation is definitely one to capture in photos! Here’s a look at some of my many favorites from our time together~

family photography burlington
father and son
mother and son
family photography church street burlington
father and son
family of four photo
parents and sons
family of four walking down church street
family photography church street burlington
family of four
family of four sitting by plants
kids dancing
couple and son
family hugging
family photography church st burlington