What to Wear for Your Family Photos!

Wondering What to Wear for Your Family Photos?

I get tons of questions about clothing, and I totally get it! Coordinating outfits is hard. Toss in a toddler who only likes one specific t-shirt, a preschooler who wants to wear his halloween costume, and the task can feel impossible. A couple of years ago I went through a similar process when it was time for my own family photos. I ordered outfits from three different stores online, sent them all back, and wasted too much time running around local stores. Do you know what I ended up doing? I went through our closets and the outfits came out wonderfully.

Work with What You've Got!

It seems there is an assumption that we need new outfits for photos, and while I'm all for the excuse it you want it, I don't think you have to do this. If you're striking out with the current kids selection, or just can't find something you love for yourself, go back to your closet, and see what you can put together. The biggest perk of shopping from your own wardrobe is you know what you have already fits, and mostly likely, you like it! 

Choose Two or Three Colors

The only colors I suggest avoiding are an abundance of either black or white. Very saturated colors also don't photograph as well- think neon or a very deep red and then avoid those. My favorite colors for photos are shades of blue, green, gray, pink, and purples. Small patterns are a great way to mix things up- if you have a family of four, putting two in a solid, and two in prints is a great strategy. Small checks, flowers, stripes, and details around the neckline are all great choices.

Check Out This Family Who Shopped Their Closets...

A couple weeks ago, I photographed a wonderful family you'll see featured below. This mom did exactly what I did a few years ago- shopped at several online stores and was still left without matching clothing everyone was happy with. At my suggestion to see what they already had, she selected a gorgeous combination of mint green and navy and only had to pick up a couple of things to pull it all together. They looked great!

family photograph in field

family photoshoot in field

Still Need Help?

I'm always more than happy to receive photos of your outfit considerations- email or text them my way and I'll send some feedback your way!

kristy dooley photography family portrait outdoors

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