What To Wear To Your High School Senior Session | Vermont High School Senior Photographer

As a Vermont Senior Photographer, one of the most common questions I receive about high school senior sessions is “what should I wear?!” I totally understand that this can feel like a big decision. It is a delicate balance between wearing what you love today and choosing outfits that are timeless. The goal is to create images you will love for years ahead! Below, you’ll find some of my top recommendations for choosing outfits, accessories, and how to apply your makeup!

Ideally, I like my seniors to prepare 2-3 outfits, along with any coordinated accessories if that feel natural to you. A fun hat or a colorful scarf can be a fun addition to some of your photos. Please arrive at your session in your favorite outfit and I’ll take a quick look at the other outfits you bring along. We’ll make sure to photograph you in atleast two outfits, so a quick change will happen!

Generally speaking, neutral colors photograph better than large patterns and very bright colors. Lighter shades instead of oversaturated colors are preferred. When it comes to styles, be yourself but also remember that for images like these classic styles are always a smart choice. While we want your images to capture who you are today, we also want you to love them in twenty years. Think timeless over trendy!

If you wear makeup, it’s better to emphasize eyes and lips over trying to conceal any blemishes. Lightly applied foundation or powder photographs well and allows us to retouch any current blemishes during our photo editing process. A slightly darker lipstick color that you may normally wear photographs well. Feel free to bring along a few shades, and I’ll take a look before you apply!

My high school seniors often like to send me photos of their outfit considerations ahead of time and I am always happy to help! My role as a Vermont Senior Photographer is super important to me- I’m always honored to capture this special time of life! If you have any specific questions about what to wear or how to go about scheduling your senior portraits, you can inquire HERE!

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