Worried You'll Feel Awkward in Your Family Photos? I've Got You!

Are you worried you'll feel awkward in your family photos? I've got you, I promise!

While my clients don't always tell me directly, I hear through the grapevine that a lot of people worry about feeling awkward or uncomfortable in family photos. They look at my portfolio and wonder if they can look as natural as the other parents and doubt their kids will cooperate and smile like the ones they see. Do you want to know the secret? It's me...

family photoshoot in field

It's my job to help you feel comfortable.

My role as a family photographer goes far beyond knowing how to take a good photo. It's my job to help you feel comfortable, ensure you look your best, and give you an abundance of direction to ensure that you not only enjoy the experience, but that I get the photos I want for you. My repeat clients know that I give a lot of direction. If you're nervous about feeling uncertain during your session, trust that I'll help. I'm going to tell you where to stand, what to do, and where to look. While the moments I capture are authentic in nature, they don't usually happen on their own. It's my job to bring the fun and joy out and then capture it!

family photoshoot in field

Your kids are also my job...for about an hour.

And they will smile! I'm a former educator, a mom of two, and at this point, I've photographed thousands of kids. I know how to win kids over, and I'm sure I will win over yours. It's important to me that kids leave family photos on a good note, looking forward to next time! I've got games, jokes, and all sorts of ideas up my sleeve. As I told a parent recently, it's not just the photos that matter to me, it's the experience. I want you to look back at your photos not only seeing that I made you look good, but happily remembering the experience of having them taken.

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