Preparing For Your Newborn Session

Newborn Session
Newborn Session
Newborn Session

Dress Comfortably

Dress comfortably for your session. Neutral colors photograph best. Please avoid any extremely bright colors or large patterns. Dress your baby in a neutral colored onesie and have any additional favorite outfits set aside. When I arrive, I'll ask to take a look at the outfit choices, and together we can decide what will photograph best.

A Quick Tour

When I arrive, I'll ask for a quick tour of your home to determine the best lighting for your session. I'm comfortable in a variety of lighting situations, though we will most likely end up taking images in the nursery, living area, and master bedroom.

Heat and Feeding

Warm babies tend to photograph more easily, so please plan to increase the temperature of your home before and during our session. If possible, please feed your baby just prior to our session. If for some reason this doesn't work out, no worries. I have two children myself, so I completely understand the un-predictability of newborns.

Tidying Up

I remember how busy those new days with a newborn can be. While a general tidying of the living room/master bedroom/nursery is helpful, please know I don't expect any more than that. I am happy to move anything I need to in order to capture the images I want for you.


I love photographing newborns on a special blanket of yours. If you have any favorite or sentimental blankets, please set them aside before our session.

No Worries

It's my job to create a comfortable and relaxed session environment. While sessions generally last around 90 minutes, the timing is completely up to the baby. Some sessions are quicker than others - we will be done when I feel confident in the images I have for you, not when we hit a certain time on the clock.

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